Our current tariff is split into five sections depicted below (click each to view/download):

SECTION A - Administration

SECTION P - Participation section

SECTION 1 - General rules & accessorial charges

SECTION 2 - Mileage rates & provisions (including costs of packing materials and labor costs for packing/unpacking)

SECTION 3 - Hourly rates & provisions (including packing materials costs) for such areas as Portland, Eugene, Salem, Medford, Grants Pass, Klamath Falls, Astoria, Coos Bay, Bend, and Pendleton


Previous (expired) tariff rates:




Tariff prior to June 1, 2019 rate increase (for reference purposes only):

1_Rules (11.20.18)

2_Mileage (11.20.18)

3_Hourly (11.20.18)

Prior to your discussion with ODOT regarding authority, please see the following discussion about authority. Authority can be issued on the basis of Commercial Zones, Cities or Counties. Below is an overview on authority and rates.


Local Cartage Service

Local Cartage means the transportation of any class of property by motor vehicle for compensation when the transportation is performed wholly within an incorporated city or a commercial zone adjacent to an incorporated city. In general, only hourly rates in Section 3 are authorized using Local Cartage authority.

Other than Local Cartage Service

All other rates, except for hourly, are authorized under Other than Local Cartage authority, including mileage rates in Section 2.

Tariff 200 Item 10 Incorporated cities
Tariff 200 Item 20 Local Cartage Service (authority listed by carrier)
Tariff 200 Item 30 Other than Local Cartage Service (authority listed by carrier)
ORS 825.240 Exempts moves within certain local cartage areas from economic regulation. These are cities under 10,000 in population. A carrier needs a 1B permit for such service; rates for such service is not regulated. Contact ODOT to confirm whether a city is exempt.

MILEAGE RATES (Item 2100) apply only when Section 3 hourly rates or Expedited Rates (Item 2530) do not apply

EXPEDITED MILEAGE RATES (Item 2530) apply when customer requires specific pickup & delivery dates on a mileage move.

HOURLY RATES (Items 3100-3900)

Except for exempt cities, movements within incorporated cities or Commercial Zones (listed on Page P-1) are based on hourly rates. Each Section 3 item allows for rates to be used within a certain air-mile radius of a zone's limits or city's limits. For example, in item 3200, the Portland Commercial Zone allows for a 10 air-mile radius beyond its zone limits. So a shipment from Portland to a point in another city whose city limits are within 10 miles of Portland city limits uses rates found in Items 3200, 3250; and 3275. Each Item lists the cities to/from which the item rates apply, with its own air-mile radius provisions.

Commercial Zones also have their own specific air-mile radius provision (see Page P-1).

NOTE: For the Portland area, three items, 3200, 3250 and 3275 provide different rate applications.

3200 Origin to Destination - Time starts upon arrival at Origin and ends at departure from Destination).

3250 Terminal to Terminal - Time starts when carrier's vehicle leaves its equipment point and ends when the equipment returns to its equipment point.

3275 Terminal to Terminal - Application of rates is based on Origin & Destination zip code combinations.

General information regarding Section 3 Items:

Rates in Section 3 Items based on Origin to Destination: 3150 and 3200.

Rates in all other Section 3 Items are based on Terminal to Terminal.